Showcase IDX updates
Showcase IDX updates

NEW MAP DISPLAY for Premium Accounts




Take advantage of Showcase IDX’s new side-by-side map display option on all Premium Accounts! This sleek and streamlined design provides your consumers with an even easier-to-use search experience and is optimized for continuous map navigation and listing browsing - simultaneously! This Premium upgrade provides an even more enjoyable home search experience, and it is sure to keep them coming back for more!

Some notable changes about this new Premium feature include:

  • Sleek side-by-side view and larger map display support continuous and simultaneous map navigation while browsing listing results.
  • Full-width display that provides a more seamless map navigation and viewing experience
  • The new map display favors the updated streamlined search interface
  • Newly enhanced sort descriptions provide even greater ease of use and navigation when sorting the listing search results. (This is a global setting for all customers and applies to the search library as well.)

This is our first iteration of this amazing feature, with more exciting enhancements to come!