Showcase IDX updates
Showcase IDX updates

Attract More Leads with Enhanced Pagination on our Premium Plan

It's no secret that Showcase IDX WordPress plugin clients already see MORE traffic from Google than any other IDX. We're not satisfied with being the best at SEO… That is why we are focused on implementing even more innovative ways to ensure your site continues to get the attention it deserves and grow your competitive SEO edge even more!

Did you know that Google does not see anything past page 1 of listing results on IDX sites? That means that Google only sees 12-100 listings in the search results, depending on each site’s settings.

We just jumped that hurdle for you! Available on our Premium Plan, Showcase IDX has pulled back the curtains to ensure that Google now sees ALL of your listing content beyond the first page. This was achieved through enhanced pagination (those numbered pages of listings under the map and at the bottom of the search results). This feature was applied to all Premium Plans automatically - no need to change your settings.

This means that your premium Showcase IDX-powered website will now be able to get organic traffic from Google searches even if that listing is on page 2+. Bring it on Google!!!

Additionally, we have improved the metadata for listings displayed on the property search and community pages to include more meaningful information for search engines and consumers (e.g. the property address). This particular update is available for customers on all plans.