Showcase IDX updates
Showcase IDX updates

Showcase IDX Plugin Version Update - 3.2.4

Showcase IDX WordPress plugin version 3.2.4 released! This version addresses a conflict with the Elementor theme regarding page templates. The conflict was causing the default search page to display as a blank page instead of rendering the IDX search interface.

Showcase IDX Plugin Version Update and 404 Bug Fix

Showcase IDX WordPress plugin version 3.2.3 released! Here is what we addressed:

  • Showcase IDX has been thoroughly tested and confirmed to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress (6.1.1).
  • Our team quickly identified and resolved an underlying 404 issue introduced by a WordPress 6 enhancement (improves building custom pages with plugins). This issue affected SEO Google performance. We have applied an initial fix to resolve this issue and are working on a long term solution.
  • This version also addresses 404s from the IDX control panel when clicking on a listing from a lead’s recent activity.

NEW MAP DISPLAY for Premium Accounts




Take advantage of Showcase IDX’s new side-by-side map display option on all Premium Accounts! This sleek and streamlined design provides your consumers with an even easier-to-use search experience and is optimized for continuous map navigation and listing browsing - simultaneously! This Premium upgrade provides an even more enjoyable home search experience, and it is sure to keep them coming back for more!

Some notable changes about this new Premium feature include:

  • Sleek side-by-side view and larger map display support continuous and simultaneous map navigation while browsing listing results.
  • Full-width display that provides a more seamless map navigation and viewing experience
  • The new map display favors the updated streamlined search interface
  • Newly enhanced sort descriptions provide even greater ease of use and navigation when sorting the listing search results. (This is a global setting for all customers and applies to the search library as well.)

This is our first iteration of this amazing feature, with more exciting enhancements to come!

More ways to search using Showcase IDX!

When it comes to adding new features to our Showcase IDX WordPress Plugin, we're always striving to provide you with an unfair advantage over your competition, as well as game changing opportunities for success. Sometimes that means focusing on the smaller things that can mean the biggest impact for both your business and your consumers!

Check out these latest enhancements!

  • The default term year on the mortgage calculator was adjusted from 15 years to 30 years (the average mortgage term for the US).
  • Can’t recall your lead’s name? No problem! Now you can search by phone number in the lead dashboard!
  • Want to search for a property by its MLS ID number? That search option is also now included in the updated Streamlined search interface.
  • Check out the enhanced ‘Search by School/District’ option on the Streamlined search interface! Suggested schools and districts matching your search text now appear below while you type. Keep typing or click on one of the suggestions below to apply that filter.
  • We’ve also improved both the ‘Search by MLS ID number’ and ‘Search for School/District’ features to more clearly indicate that a school, district or MLS ID was successfully applied to the search.
  • We also rearranged some of the search filters to be more natural for consumers. For example, Listing Status and Listing Type are now closer to the Property Type filters.
  • Improvements were also made to our mobile device optimization to ensure the best performance on all devices.
  • We’ve also updated our mail server from a shared IP address to a dedicated IP address. This helps prevent emails sent to leads from ending up in a spam/junk folder.

Want to see what’s coming down the pipeline for future updates? Check that out here!

For more updates and details on the latest bug fixes and enhancements be sure to also keep an eye on the Showcase IDX changelog!

Share listings quicker and more easily with Showcase IDX’s expanded sharing options! (PLUS - Showcase IDX WordPress Plugin v3.2.2 Update)




At Showcase IDX we know that your time is extremely valuable and in demand. That is why you need an IDX solution that not only keeps up and meets your most critical needs but also helps both you and your consumers quickly and more easily share listings - all while keeping the focus on you!

With Showcase IDX’s newly expanded sharing options, it's now easier and faster than ever to share your listings anywhere… anytime! In addition to Facebook and Twitter, you and your consumers now have even more ways to quickly share listings of interest through the newly added ‘SMS/Text’, ‘Email’ and ‘Copy Listing’ sharing options now available on every listing detail page!

Quickly share any listing detail page with your consumers via the SMS/Text or Email option! Use the ‘Copy Listing’ sharing option to quickly copy and share the URL anywhere you choose! Fast. Easy. Convenient!

Check out this quick tutorial!

We also just released an updated version of the Showcase IDX WordPress Plugin (3.2.2), which addresses an installation bug for websites using PHP 8.0 or higher. Reminder: Be sure sure to update your plugin to 3.2.2 today, as well as enable automatic updates if you have not already done so!

For more updates and details on the latest bug fixes and enhancements, check out the Showcase IDX changelog!

Be sure to also check out what is coming down the pipeline for future updates!

Recent MLS & Feed Updates

In addition to all of the GREAT Showcase IDX WordPress plugin updates and enhancements we have recently rolled out, our dedicated data team remains hyper-focused on keeping up with the latest MLS changes and compliances, so you can stay focused on what you do best!

Check out these MLS updates to the Showcase IDX WordPress Plugin!

Listing/Image sync issues resolved for:

Open house-related issues resolved for:

Added miscellaneous feature field mappings for:

Feed migrations for (changing how the data is transferred from an MLS to the consumer; e.g. switching from Real Estate Transaction Standards “RETS” data feeds to “Web API” protocol):

This includes working hard to keep in compliance with the latest National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) mandates requiring all listings displayed in an IDX to identify the listing firm, as well as clearly display the email or phone number provided by the listing brokerage in a reasonably prominent location. This is no quick or simple task as there are hundreds of MLSs, and each has its own set of compliance requirements, data formats, and updates!

The team is actively receiving and following up on multiple notifications from each MLS indicating which specific data field(s) they are providing this information in. As we work to implement these new requirements you may not find many listings that include the phone or email yet. This is because either the MLS has not yet populated that information, or they have just notified us about which data field(s) to use and we are actively working to implement it.

Attract More Leads with Enhanced Pagination on our Premium Plan

It's no secret that Showcase IDX WordPress plugin clients already see MORE traffic from Google than any other IDX. We're not satisfied with being the best at SEO… That is why we are focused on implementing even more innovative ways to ensure your site continues to get the attention it deserves and grow your competitive SEO edge even more!

Did you know that Google does not see anything past page 1 of listing results on IDX sites? That means that Google only sees 12-100 listings in the search results, depending on each site’s settings.

We just jumped that hurdle for you! Available on our Premium Plan, Showcase IDX has pulled back the curtains to ensure that Google now sees ALL of your listing content beyond the first page. This was achieved through enhanced pagination (those numbered pages of listings under the map and at the bottom of the search results). This feature was applied to all Premium Plans automatically - no need to change your settings.

This means that your premium Showcase IDX-powered website will now be able to get organic traffic from Google searches even if that listing is on page 2+. Bring it on Google!!!

Additionally, we have improved the metadata for listings displayed on the property search and community pages to include more meaningful information for search engines and consumers (e.g. the property address). This particular update is available for customers on all plans.

Streamlined Search Gets Even Better with “More” Improvements!!!

We are serving YOU by providing your consumers with the best home search experience in today’s market. At Showcase IDX we know that a better search experience means consumers are more likely to continue to use your site - growing your business! This is why we work hard to continue to improve and streamline the search experience for buyers visiting your site.

Our Streamlined Search is consistently the most used search version, supporting multiple MLSs on your website in a single search. We’ve given this already great search experience a facelift!

Users no longer have to toggle between property, amenity, and listing filters to find what they’re looking for. Now when they select the ‘More’ button in the Streamlined Search form, all filters are immediately displayed and presented in an easier-to-navigate and more intuitive way.

Agents will also see this change in the IDX Control Panel when setting up saved searches to send to your clients or power a community page. Be sure to check out this and the many other recent updates on the Showcase IDX WordPress plugin today!

Also, be sure to check out our next webinar on Thursday where we talk more about all our latest enhancements!

Here's a quick overview of the latest update to the Streamlined Search form!

Say Hello to the New Simple Mortgage Calculator!




We care a lot about consumers (and YOU!). When consumers are happy, your business will grow. This means not only providing them with the best home search experience possible, but also providing the information, tools, and resources necessary to make their home buying experience as stress-free as possible… and fun!

We added a new mortgage calculator widget to the Showcase IDX WordPress Plugin! Now consumers can quickly calculate what their monthly mortgage payment would be for the listing they are viewing, adjusting key information like Down Payment ($), Interest Rate (%), and Mortgage Term.

Not only is this widget now available for use on any page of your website, agents now have the option to toggle the mortgage calculator to also display on every listing detail page!

By providing more easy-to-use, stress-free resources and solutions like these, visitors are more likely to keep coming back for more, as well as convert to leads. This brings more business opportunities to you! (We’ve got your back!)

To use the independent shortcode widget on WordPress, please update your IDX plugin to version 3.2.1.

Increasing agent insight on lead activity through enhanced listing alert email URLs

In today’s day and age, consumers are searching for homes using several different devices. Until today, you were not able to see a lead’s activity (e.g. viewed listings) when they were viewing listings from a listing alert email unless they were logged into their account, which was not guaranteed when consumers switched between devices. Showcase IDX has a more intuitive solution! We have enhanced the URLs from the home search update emails to include the lead’s unique identifier (UUID) to track that viewed listing event.

Now when a lead receives an email based on their subscribed search and clicks on the listing URL to view it, that listing will now show up on their lead profile page (under “Recent Activity” and “Listing Views”) - regardless if they are logged into their account or not! While our recent, multi-phased effort focused on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), this enhancement helps by further easing access, no matter the device your client uses.

For example, a lead might register for an account on their desktop device and subscribe to a search. Later, when on the go or even casually browsing on their phone in bed at night, they might review any new listings from their saved search.

Thanks to this enhancement, you don’t have to worry about missing those key details that help you engage and serve your consumers in more insightful and meaningful ways… details that could mean the difference in helping you close that next deal and gain loyal clients.

Check out this quick video of how it works!