Showcase IDX updates
Showcase IDX updates

Updates to Saved Search Emails




Previously, Saved Searches only emailed buyers of New Listings, or existing listings that matched the Saved Search criteria.

  • The automated emails now identify which listings have experienced a price or status changes, giving buyers a better sense of market changes and opportunities, and agents more relevant opportunities to stay connected to their clients.
  • The set of listing results in the emails won't change; they will continue to follow the filters on saved searches.
  • The emails will now include additional information highlighting important changes to listings.
  • A new banner indicates a change in Listing Status (New, Back on Market, etc), as well as details of any price changes.

For more information about Saved Searches/Recommendations, visit our Support Center.

Have ideas for future additions to Showcase IDX to improve your website and digital marketing? Visit our

Miscellaneous Updates

Data Updates

  • Fix RMLS corrupt image issue (a decent percentage of images in RMLS would be half-purple-tinted due to this corrupt). This has been corrected and all images updated.
  • Fix issue with Realcomp & Stellar (MFR) images which would cause "no pictures found" placeholder to display on many listings.
  • Fix ARMLS Open House times (time zone issue)
  • Add "Coming Soon" status to Triangle MLS
  • YES MLS renamed internally to NOW MLS -- all URL's automatically 301'd to preserve SEO
  • MARIS migrated to MLSGRID


  • Require new saved searches in search library to have a name
  • Improve text displayed in our Slack integration for new leads & messages

Zapier 2.0 Update

We've completed a major upgrade of our Zapier infrastructure to add more data, fix numerous issues, and upgrade to the latest version of Zapier platform SDK. It keeps with our mission of having an open system that helps agents generate leads and send them to the system of their choice.

You MUST upgrade your Zapier connection within the next 30 days. More below.

We’ve released a new version of our Zapier application! Release date 7/21/2021. This new version solves some pretty significant bugs that were causing issues for customers.

What you need to do:

Unfortunately zap migration from the old version to the new version is not possible, hence your existing zaps will not transfer with your update and deprecate on August 20th.

To maintain your existing set-ups, we urge you to please configure your zaps again in the new, updated version of Zapier as soon as possible to avoid any disruption in your automations.

Here is what we fixed:

  • Previously, sample data would flow correctly, but was often shortened when processed as a zap and sent to the final application for end user interaction. This new version addresses that error. The sample data structure is now identical to the data shared for end user interaction.

Old functionality example:

Test Zapier Sheet - Google Sheets 2021-07-16 at 9.53.42 AM.jpg

New Functionality example:

Copy of Test Zapier Sheet - Google Sheets 2021-07-16 at 9.56.35 AM.jpg

  • Originally - on accounts with multiple agents, leads may have been sent to agents who shouldn’t have received those specific leads due to lead routing settings. Our new configuration now facilitates greater communication and collaboration between our lead routing feature in our IDX and Zapier. Admin zaps are now more powerful in that they can see all new leads. Zaps for other users on your account will only have access to leads that have been assigned to them.

  • Previously, first time users received an “expired” message prompt in error when they were setting up zaps and connecting them to their IDX accounts. This has been resolved and first time users can now move seamlessly through the process of connecting zaps to their IDX accounts.

For more information about how to set up Zapier, visit our Support Center!

Please ensure that you install/update your existing Zapier application before August 20, 2021.

Fixes and data improvements


  • Full Contact lead enrichment has been restored.
  • Upgrade our listing image thumbnail infrastructure to be more robust and reduce corrupt images. Also now supports a backup/placeholder image in the case we have transient errors while creating the thumbnail. Previously this would result in a "broken image".

IDX Feed Improvements

  • Launch Martin County, FL feed.
  • Migrate WestPenn to Trestle (better & more timely data)
  • Migrate Indian River to Trestle (better & more timely data)
  • Migrate CRMLS to Trestle (better & more timely data)
  • Fix bug where we would remove some Open Houses from our system after they started, but before they ended.
  • Fix open house data feed in Triangle MLS.
  • Fix open house feed for Rappatoni MLS feeds (Metrolist, CA), which had stopped working properly due to our recent RETS -> WebAPI upgrade.
  • Standardize Open House time zone mappings.
  • Start using the MLS-provided listing geolocation data from CREA (across Canada). Previously, we did all of our own geocoding of this data.
  • Fix property type mappings for Sedona (SVVAR) MLS. Land was previously displaying as Single Family.
  • Fix property type mappings for BARMLS. Multifamily were showing as condos.
  • Map "Views" metadata for OneKey MLS to our standardized Views field.
  • Normalize Lot Sq Ft to Acres in GFLR, MIAMI feeds.
  • Improve "time online" calculation for MRED listings.
  • Enable ListTrac for RMLS.

Bug fixes





Website Experience

  • Reset password now works properly for users that were invited to the system by an agent but have not yet logged in. Previously this would fail to send the password reset email.
  • Fixed display bug which caused the listing detail page on mobile to not stay within the width of the screen (resulted in the page allowing side-scrolling).
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when two different listings from two different MLS's happen to have the exact same MLS# -- if both of these listings should have appeared on the search results page together, one of the listings was being accidentally hidden.
  • Fixed a bug in our SEO/microformats/structured data which could cause Google Search Console to complain that there was "unparseable structured data" for some listings pages.


  • Further improvements to open houses to ensure that we do not remove them from our internal database until the events are in the past in the local time zone.
  • Numerous minor mapping improvements and fixes.

Improved Map Zooming & Miscellaneous Fixes





Improved Map Zooming

The map view for search results now automatically zooms itself to fit all returned results in an intelligent way. This should result in a more sensible experience for users, whether doing a search from scratch or using hotsheets and saved searches.

  • Map will adjust zoom to ensure all markers in the current page of search results are visible on the map.
  • If the map has a search-by-polygon, the map will also include the entire polygon.
  • If using "search in map", the automatic zoom behavior will be disabled.

Note for users of Saved Searches and Hotsheets

Previously, the map display for saved searches & hotsheets would stay at the zoom level it was saved at in the saved search editor. However, sometimes the zoom level was an intentional choice by users and other times it wasn't… but there is no way to tell from the data. We do think that the new automatic zoom level selection should be better in all situations. But, if your saved hotsheets aren't displaying the way you'd hoped, please let us know about your use case so that we can consider it further.


  • We now issue 404 (not found) for any listing page that belongs to an MLS the website isn't configured for. This fixes the issue where Demo Listings would continue to display on customer websites.
  • We have fixed the position of the social share feature so that it works better on mobile devices.
  • We have removed the "View map of nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and more" from the Walkscore widget, since Walkscore no longer supports that feature.
  • We have updated our {{address}} SEO variable to include the unit number for listings in the URL, title and keywords.

Lead Opt-in Removed (Improvement)





In the past, agents coming from other IDX companies, or simply had a lead they wanted to add to their IDX website, would create a lead from the admin lead area and our system would send the lead an email invitation which they would be required to accept and complete their registration.

As stricter CAN-SPAM (US law) and CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation) began to roll out over the past few years, it ensured that all leads added to your account gave their explicit permission to receive messages. In order to make the platform more flexible to our customers, instead of the platform rigidly ensuring 100% compliance, this responsibility is now on our customers as is the current industry standard. You still have to make sure you have permission to send your leads and clients messages, but this new change allows you to more easily work with your clients.

In the past with our opt-in requirement, if your lead did not accept this invitation, they could be stuck in limbo and unable to receive recommended searches!

We understood this was a huge hindrance and many of our customers, old and new, had very strong feelings about this feature.

On March 26th, we removed the requirement for leads to accept the invitation when created from the admin!

From today onwards, you are able to create a lead via the "create a lead" button in the lead dashboard and the lead's email address will be automatically registered to your IDX website! This means you can set them up on searches immediately.

When a lead is added, they will instead receive the lead sign-up welcome email, which you can tailor to your liking under Settings > Email in your agent admin.

This is the first in many major updates for Showcase IDX over the next few months and a further step in helping you scale your business.

Note that this updated feature will apply to leads added after March 26th only.

We recommend that leads who are created from the admin simply request a password reset on your IDX website to access their accounts.

March 2021 Updates





Product Updates

Main Search Bar Improvements

  • The search bar now waits for 3 characters of "query input" before generating suggestions for location autocomplete.
  • Fixed a bug in which the moment the 3rd character was entered, incorrect autocomplete suggestions would be displayed. Often this looked like we were making ridiculous city suggestions to the query entered (ie, you'd type Atlanta but see "Houston, TX" as the first suggestion).
  • Reduced the amount of data loaded for the search bar, resulting in faster loading times.

These benefits work on the main search app and the "search bar" widget.


  • Improved email deliverability to email addresses.
  • We have improved the normalization of MLS going into our search infrastructure to improve matching, particularly around case-sensitivity and multi-term searches (like Subdivision: Oaks of Lawndale).

We've also launched our new public roadmap and product feedback platform -- come visit us at

MLS/IDX Data Feed Improvements

New Markets

  • Launched the CREA data feed (all of Canada except Manitoba and a few MLS's that do not share data to CREA).

Updated Data Feeds

  • Upgraded Heartland data feed to MLSGrid.
  • Upgraded the Indian River MLS feed to Trestle. Previously this was a Planet Realtor FTP feed, so this is a huge upgrade!
  • Upgraded MLSCO
  • Upgraded MLSLI to OneKey
  • Upgraded WestPenn to Trestle
  • Upgraded MRED to MLSGRID
  • Upgraded our HAR/HRIS relationship so that brokers/agents no longer need to pay setup or annual fees to HAR/HRIS


  • Our MLS Coverage is now searchable! This should make it much easier for customers to find out if we support the MLS feed in their areas of interest. You can search by MLS or Association name or acronym, top cities, and more.
  • We've internally added a ton of tracking metrics which allows us to better understand if we have all of the listing data, if it has pictures, and how up-to-date it is across our infrastructure. These improvements make it easier for us to detect if a feed is not performing to our standards and be more proactive about addressing data feed issues. This work helped us identify and fix several significant issues affecting a handful of MLS's.
  • We've re-worked our property type normalization to ensure a consistent experience. Here is the official list of all property types where we normalize into:
Single Family Home
Adult Community
Mobile Home
Acreage & Farm
Business Opportunity
Boat Slips and Docks
Parking Space
  • Made dozens of minor data mapping improvements. This improves our standardized searches across MLS's and improves data accuracy.
  • MLSGrid data feeds are now searchable by their true MLS#. MLSGrid adds a prefix to the MLS #'s that they manage, and that meant that users searching by MLS# in those markets weren't finding their listings.
  • Improved how we organize MLS data feed inventory in our system so that we can add new data feeds more easily in the future.
  • Added Open Houses to our West Penn feed

Systems Infrastructure Improvements

  • Launched our new status page to alert all customers of planned maintenance, any incidents with our servers/platform/infrastructure, and any incidents related to third-party services (e.g. Google Cloud Platform).
  • Completed an upgrade of our ElasticSearch back-end cluster, we are now much more scalable. The number of searches performed by visitors to websites of Showcase IDX customers has been growing substantially. This upgrade allows us to continue to support your growth.
  • Upgraded some internal microservices networking infrastructure, dramatically reducing latency between our internal systems and improving the reliability and speed of all of our applications.

Improvements to Bathroom display





Back in the day, there were just bathrooms. Then, along came half bathrooms. And Jack & Jill Bathrooms. That wasn't enough, so we invented three-quarter bathrooms… and one-quarter bathrooms. That's a lot of bathrooms! And amazingly, they don't quite always have the same definition around the country (or world).

So, to simplify things, we have cleaned up the way we calculate bathrooms in our search app.

In general, people care mostly about how many bathrooms there are in total. So, this is how we now summarize listings on the list view in the app:

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 1.13.14 PM.png

On the listing detail page, we have the space to clarify the nature of all of these bathrooms, so we separate out full and partial baths.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 1.11.38 PM.png

Beyond that, the variation across MLS's and even among how different agents in the same MLS list bathrooms starts to get complex, and so the best place at this time to understand that information is from the property description and the photos.

As we went through this process, there were some layout implications. You can see that to make everything look nice we slightly re-arranged how we display bedrooms / bathrooms and some other headline data like "Days Online", "New Listing", etc.

We think this is a huge step forward in clearly presenting this complex piece of data in a simple & standard way.


Showcase IDX: Wordpress Plugin 3.1.7 Released






  • Fixed a bug in the way we interoperate with Jetpack and Yoast plugins to ensure that our custom SEO content & social sharing (Facebook and Twitter) is used for listing pages.


  • Updates to [showcaseidx_search] shortcode -- now if you hide all items other than the "location", the form will auto-submit as soon as a location is selected. Great for making a clean home page search form!
  • Updates to [showcaseidx_nav] shortcode -- now you can control which items are visible! Now it's possible to have a simple "Sign In / Sign Up" link in your top-nav without pulling in all of the Showcase IDX navigation.